“Cinema is the mirror that can change world.”  Diego Luna   Billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper is doubling down on his bullish bitcoin hand.  Draper, founder of Draper Associates, became famous for his early backing of tech sensations Tesla, and Skype, but if you ask him today, bitcoin surpasses them all. He was
Alas, blockchains are not black magic, they do not hold the answers to the universe, and cryptocurrency will not pull cold, hard cash out of thin air.  However, black magic or not, we do know that blockchains and cryptocurrency can and will become a celestial monetary force.   We all know by now that blockchains
LEARN THE LESSONS OF THE RICH GET RICHER CLUB:   LESSON ONE   Bitcoin’s exchange rate grew from $0.0008 to more than $10,000. Currently, the number of Bitcoin transactions averages over 10 million per month.   LESSON TWO   What does it take to be successfully RICH in general? First, it takes a lot of


When you think of blockchain, what first comes to mind? Many of us immediately think– Bitcoin. While blockchain technology is at the core of Bitcoin transactions, blockchain has many other applications and it is really what’s next in the world of digital transmissions.   EVENT TICKETING   If there is any one industry that needs
THE creator of BITCOIN, is known only by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.  Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?  Well to understand that question, let’s start with the Japanese word “Satoshi” = “wise”, or intelligent, and “Nakamoto” = “center point”, or central.    Then mix that in with despite years of leaving posts on, Satoshi never left a