Alas, blockchains are not black magic, they do not hold the answers to the universe, and cryptocurrency will not pull cold, hard cash out of thin air.  However, black magic or not, we do know that blockchains and cryptocurrency can and will become a celestial monetary force.


We all know by now that blockchains are digital files that list accounts of the transactions that take place with forms of cryptocurrency. Whoever you transfer money to can see all your previous transaction history since it is locked into the blockchain. This eternal record of transactions has understandably intrigued many.   Now, large corporations are frantically looking for ways to use blockchain technology in their businesses.  It is a fair summation and safe to say that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the way we use some technologies, and those uses may be in something other than accounting for monetary transactions.


So how is cryptocurrency going to change the celestial future?  I mean, how is it REALLY different than the historical financial bubbles of the Tulip, the and all the other financial bubbles we have seen come and go?


Let us start with the fact that cryptocurrency goes to the very core of the economic engine. It is THE grease in the machine. Money. It’s being remade, right before our eyes and we are witnessing a monetary fundamental change of magnificent and yet, peaceful proportions.  An invention in technology, that by all appearances – seems unstoppable.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s projected that the market could hit $1 trillion by the end of this fiscal year. While the market might be in a temporary stall, it’s still doing well enough that even governments like Russia, Sweden, Japan and Venezuela, are considering getting into the game.  In fact, on Friday, April 13, 2018, Yahoo Japan bought a minority stake in bitARG Exchange Tokyo, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange.


Financial terms of the deal, include a 40 percent stake in the exchange.  A deal that will likely be worth two to three billion yen (around $18.6 million to $27.9 million).  With the acquisition, Yahoo Japan becomes the latest major Japanese financial services player to hop aboard the cryptocurrency bandwagon.


What this means in the long run is that understanding cryptocurrencies is financially beneficial for individuals who want to invest now or in the near future.  Would you rather be ahead of the curve and already understand how blockchains, cryptocurrencies and ledgers work, or do you want to play catch-up with others and maybe even the government itself after you find out that you have to adapt to virtual currencies?




It’s worth noting that the fact that governments are wanting to get in on the action. That’s a huge sign, because while major news outlets keep labeling cryptocurrencies as a fad, pointing to the recent drop in overall value in the last month and a half, it shows that there truly is still value in select virtual currencies as well as anticipated growth and development.


So, to the naysayers out there that think you don’t need or already missed out on cryptocurrency.  The ones that state that most missed the lucrative time-period for big financial rewards in cryptocurrency.  If you are wondering if you still have time to invest in mining, blockchains and bitcoins?  The answer is YES.  You are now balancing on the precipice of staying in the same place financially OR moving forward with a golden opportunity to lead the pack.  How you may ask?


By taking this ‘precipice’ time to attend some workshop classes in which you can learn about the current and future financial opportunities in cryptocurrency.  Once you expand your education in blockchains, mining and bitcoins you become part of a win-win scenario.  How?  Because ALL the newly-minted millionaires and billionaires of the cryptocurrency boom share ONE thing in common: they learned about cryptocurrency and keep learning more every day.  What do you have to lose in learning, acquiring the knowledge and dipping into the investment pond with the other new wave thinkers?


Join us as we not only teach, but lead.  We not only share information, we demonstrate how it can make you money.  Most of all, we not only keep moving forward, we create the paths the others follow to lucrative and bright celestial futures.

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